Woodbury Practice access rights policy

Access to Records

Patients have the right of access to their health records held on paper or on computer. A request from a patient to see records or for a copy must be referred to the patients dentist. The patient should be given the opportunity of coming into the practice to discuss the records and will then be given a photocopy. Care should be taken to ensure that the individual seeking access is the patient in question and where necessary the practice will seek information from the patient to confirm identity. We will provide the patient with a copy of the record within 40 days of the request being made and offer to provide an explanation of the record should the patient require it.

The fact that patients have the right of access to their records makes it essential that information is properlyrecorded. All computer and hard copy records must be:

  • Contemporaneous and dated.
  • Accurate and comprehensive.
  • Signed by the dentist (hard copy only).
  • Neat, legible and written in ink (hard copy only).
  • Strictly necessary for the purpose.
  • Not derogatory.
  • Be such that disclosure to the patient would be unproblematic.